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P D Programs

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P D Programs

Professional Development Programs

(Getting Our Students Ready for the World of Work)


Campus to Corporate: make it happen!

Bansal Institute of Engineering and Technology is an associate member of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an apex chamber representing businesses and industry.


As per the research and feedback gathered from various summits, there is a realization at  national

level on wide gaps in learning, research, innovation and employability skills. It is alarming and need Course correction.


At Bansal campus, we have felt that our students need not only academic excellence but also need language skills, communication skills, soft skills and life skills for better employability. To meet the challenges with support of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its Knowledge Partner, Global  Knowledge Network Society,  we

organized a Professional Development Program for all our 4th Year and 3rd Year students.


Highly experienced trainers who have worked internationally in manufacturing, engineering, banking and financial services etc. lead by Mr. Amit Gupta, Chairman, Education Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted these programs over a period of 2½ months for a group of almost 500 students of the college.



In these interactive sessions, the students participated in language programs, soft skills program, body language, etiquettes and life skill programs on communication skills, problem solving, time management and also were trained on group discussions and interview skills.


The Chairman, Mr. G.S. Agarwal has always believed that students of his institutions deserve the very best possible support to make them employable and get gainfully employed. The program also handled real life case studies and emphasized on laboratories and project work.


The Bansal Institute of Engineering and Technology has identified that it has to support its students by adding value in their education program. In coming academic year, we are going to include following important parameters in our basic curriculum with support of PHD Chamber and Global Knowledge Network Society.


  1. Launching of integrated English language program as a foundation course from first year onwards to support students in their


  1. In the phased manner we would integrate training and learning of the following employability skills:
  2. Communication
  3. Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning
  4. Language
  5. Information Technology
  6. Problem-solving
  7. Understanding world of work
  8. Team-working


  1. Establishing importance of employability skills along with subject knowledge and theoretical


  1. Faculty development programs for teachers to support real life learning in classroom by better course planning, course design, demonstrations, practical and


  1. Engaging students in undertaking field trips, project managements a part of their studies and/or engaging with industry-based project work of different


The Bansal Institute is establishing a professional Development Centre and in its upcoming new academic block, the centre would have state-of-art computer labs, lecture theatres and audio-visual aids. PHD Chamber and Global Knowledge Network Society are exploring possibility of setting up a Microsoft Academy for availability of cutting-edge curriculum and professional certifications to the students. The students can not only get access to latest curriculum and teaching aids but can also take professional certifications for better employability. Internationally acclaimed and proven conversation English program and guest lecture series and workshops would be organized by the support of Chamber and the Society on an on going basis.IMG_20160315_100225 - Copy IMG_20160315_100238 - Copy IMG_20160315_100255